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Home organizing never ends, it just resumes... during the Missing Hour

I've learned to come up with simple goals when it comes to organizing. This afternoon's is simple enough: I want to free up a box-width section (roughly one-third of a shelf length) on my big baker's rack in the office. I'm only a quarter of the way through the process, but I only expect to spend about two hours total on this.

I've written in the past about my Hour Per Box theory. The size of the box barely affects this, because the multitudes of small and unrelated things in a shoe box can require more decisions than a larger box of similar objects that need less processing. I'm going through a set of shoe boxes with varieties of ancient computer equipment, so I'm knee-deep in sorting.

Some the stuff is too old to debate. PCI Wifi B card? I don't care if it works. A bunch of AGP 16 MB VRAM video cards from 1999 and 2000, especially the one with the proprietary dongle slot for what should be DVI? Straight into the memory hole. Three power bricks for old iOpeners? Oh man, those have to go.

Then you get the oddities. My favorite right now is a powder blue, tiny camera on a keychain. It wants so hard to look like a camera that it even has a slide-up viewfinder (because it has no screen). It also had a battery in it that was good until 2009. I'll have to test it, just so I can laugh harder at the pinhole protected by a Lucite "lens" with fake filter threads and a tapered hole.

Beyond this are the sentimental objects. I found four dial-up modem cards. I will definitely toss three, because I long ago gave up hope of going back to 1993 and starting an ISP. However I may still want to use one as an outlet for a VoIP setup to a land phone. This also means deciding which of these four items has any merit. [Post-note: I sorted by the likelihood of finding a Linux driver for the chip on each.]

I've been listening to a radio station (KSWD, "The Sound") have an all-weekend commemoration to a long-gone station, KMET. Well, I was until the pager went off.
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