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Starsky is totally gonna hop in...

I was going to wait until I had a pic of a kitty crawling under it. However I just wanted to report on the useful thing I made since my last post: a book hutch for my main desk.

I'd been wanting to put the most actively used books on a shelf where I could reach them while I was working. It's one thing I've missed from my two years of working from home that was never a problem in a cubicle. (Things a home office has in its favor: Seat with sunlight? Check. Sweet, non-broken swivel chair? Check. Control of the temperature and air flow? Totally.)

I tried a few things, but they never quite cut it. I have a crate next to my desk, but kitties sleep both on top of it and in it. I also keep a rugged foot stool under my desk, but the books fall over every time I need the foot stool or nudge it. I tried to use the ledge inside the desk, but getting the books always led to crawling and swearing. I even tried putting books on the baker's rack next to my desk, but they always fell through the metal rails.

I really wanted a book shelf behind my monitor. Thanks to the world of flat-panel screens, I have a huge amount of space between the monitor and the wall.

Ekby Amund white shelf, 59" x 11" x 1", with three Ekby Töre table top brackets. You drill six holes in the board, screw the brackets to the underside, then clamp it to the desk.

A couple days after I set it up and put a few books on it, I realized some other advantages:

  • I have an old Boston Acoustics 635 unit for my desk audio. It's not production quality (I have headphones for that), but it was a powered woofer and two powered tweeters for $35 (used) nearly a decade ago. Suddenly I could put the woofer behind the monitor and the tweeters much closer to ear level.
  • Of course this also made me think about getting real bookshelf speakers. However those aren't a priority. They would require a stereo to power them anyway: mine is in the living room with the good speakers and the television.
  • I can keep the Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet tucked along the books. This sounds obvious, but it did not have a proper home before. Sometimes it'd be on the night stand, sometimes on the baker's rack, sometimes left in my satchel. Now I can grab it right away and put it away where I tend to use it.</ol>
    I also have a saga about buying a netbook... err, Asus F102BA Notebook. I have learned that the word 'netbook' has gone out of favor, much like the word 'disco' had in 1980. The item still exists, but the demand has dropped. It's a pity, because they now have four-watt, dual-core, dual-threaded CPUs that also handle the graphics. They also get eight hours on a charge, run on 33 watts total, and have USB 3.0.

    Frankly I'll be more in love with this purchase as soon as I can figure out how to take the old-school hard drive out, put a solid-state drive in, and install something that isn't Windows 8. Right now I can't even get it to boot a thumb drive and I keep making the wrong gestures in the middle of doing something. UEFI is too close to UFIA for my taste, but I'm determined to learn how to turn it out. It's so new that no one has taken one apart and the service manual isn't available.

    I'll tell more about the netbook after my first real weekend with it.

    -also about a Chromebook with ten dead keys, Ps/d
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