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Upon trying to watch five minutes of the town hall debate

I would like to thank my former governor for the Two Minutes Hate. I would also like to thank the President for saying he's wrong, having the full answers, and otherwise being cool.

Unfortunately I'm already riled up from a weird end to my work day. I need to go to the gym and get that stress out. I also need food and I cannot steady my strangling hand long enough to cook.

Who was it that said Romney doesn't want to be president: he wants to have been president. He wants to get the tax laws he would want when he's done, then never even look at a political position again. He is the least selfless man I've seen run for the office in a long while.

The twitching is back. I'd better go. Oh hey, and the Tigers are playing again, so I'll have something mature and professional to watch on the treadmill.
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